Accidental protest day in London

A few weeks ago, my husband and I were left alone in London for two nights while my inlaws took the kids to their house. We were giddy with possibility for our saturday without responsibilities and decided to walk to Soho to go to the flicks. An urban walk. We got ready with The Communards For a Friend in the background, which sort of set the tone for an accidental day of activism. The first thing we noticed after setting off from East Dulwich – maybe 10 minutes from the house – was this.

IMG_9065 And I instagrammed it because I’m sick of London giving itself up so willingly to developers – sometimes really crappy ones – and it’s nice to have green around. Here’s a link to the site if you’re local and interested. What it boils down to, is that nearby Dulwich Hamlet Football club has been eyed up as a great site for flats – hey, where isn’t? – and the plan is to move the club onto this field. Which is a shame, because the current DHF bar is quite fun and it’s a big community gatherer. Ok, quite honestly I’ve been once, but my son is interested in joining now he’s seven. By coincidence, Matt Raw my ceramics teacher in Hackney – I’m coming back to that next week I promise – recently told me that all the east London hipsters have started coming down to play football at it. Anyway…. (more…)

Real reveal: Upholstered armchairs

Honestly, doing this blog has continued to challenge the aspect of my character that was previously given to making bold statements about ideas I’d never actually follow through. Today’s overcoming of this is an unveiling of… My two old Grandma chairs freshly reupholstered in green linen! One has pink piping and the other has orange […]