Hermit’s handbook

I’m starting to see overarching trends emerging in this lockdown period and I thought it might be useful to offer them up to a community of – our Mums (nobody reads this anymore, but those two probably forgot to unsubscribe). I know what you’re thinking – she’s going to do paint colour trends. Well, no. In the process of forgetting who I actually am, I’ve become more fixated on how to become a true Hermit instead.

Like a really good forecaster, Ros fled to an island last week to pursue this trend properly, but we can’t all have that foresight. So. To kick things off, your no-longer-roving reporter here in London can offer up some weekly steps on how to really allow yourself to let go into the Hermit lifestyle. From exactly where you are.  


Sculptor William Mitchell on his geometric relief works

Red granite, green metallised concrete, the green-blues of nickel and plenty of grey, grey, grey concrete – these are the colours of the enormous geometric relief sculptures that artist and sculptor William Mitchell– now in his 90s – made during the 1960s and 70s. Many of which are listed. William’s imaginatively patterned creations appeared in Brutalist […]

Door drama

Did I not mention that I did actually finish the front door? Last time we conversed about this – I say conversed as you were quite forthcoming with the mostly helpful comments – I was flapping on about whether to paint the porch brown. Well. One night during the paint-athon period, I awoke to the […]