Trend alert! Soviet wallpaper

Well sort of. An acquaintance of ours is moving into a do-er up-er and sharing on FB pictures of the radically mismatched 70s swirly carpets, a different pattern in each room. Same with the wallpaper. Looks like a set from the Albert Square B&B. And you know what? While she’s getting busy with the steam machine and scraper, here at MFH we’re declaring a trend!

Soviet wallpaper


Going inside…Peckham Liberal Club

In the Trump Slump I’ve let myself read far too many terrifying articles from knowledgable historians and bleak-world forecaster John Pilger, which I don’t recommend doing (apart from this one by Joan C Williams). You may have too. Anyway, amid the thousands of articles on ‘how to keep carrying on post Trump and Brexit’ etc etc […]

Leonard Cohen at home

Oh man…

…what does one say? All this and Leonard Cohen taking his leave of us too.   As I listen on the radio to a discussion about the failure of the left-leaning media, I’d like to bring your attention to an excellent piece on The Guardian. A piece which demonstrates that properly paid journalism still has […]