Jo Waterhouse, her cushions and another pop up

We’re often whanging on about Jo Waterhouse, or The Artist Formerly Known As Toot. She’s so darned creative and charming with it you see, which is a very winning combo. Anyway, since you probably feel the same way about her, you’ll be wanting to know that she’s hosting a shop-within-a-shop at Family Tree in Exmouth Market up until Christmas Eve.

Christmas+presents I’m not sure whether she sells all her current stock there, but I’ve been eyeing up some of the printed cushions she’s made and presented over on her own blog lately. Including this denim beauty, which has a bright (but at the same time sort of fabulously dull) orange back… (more…)

Joel Parkes Zero

From the woods

A while ago my friend Meg, the photographer, told me she’d just come back from photographing a man who lived in the woods. I’ve finally got around to investigating further, and it turns out she wasn’t on the trail of the Sasquatch, but photographing the wonderful work of sculptor, artist and wood-worker Joel Parkes. Dorest-based […]

East End Preservation Society Goodsyard

Developing The Goodsyard

Last week I went to the wonderful Dennis Server’s House in Folgate Street, Spitalfields. It’s a beautifully preserved textile merchant’s house dating from the 1700s, open to visitors. I have been there once before, but this time I was there to interview the current Keeper of the house for The Chromologist. It was an amazing […]

Handbags and architecture

I went to a great artist-maker event last night, organised by Ally Capellino with proceeds going to the relief of Ebola. I’ll be blogging about it properly soon (will give you a heads up when), but in the meantime I thought I’d share with you some imagery from the A/W look book from Ally Capellino […]