High gloss brights – trend?

I like to think so because I’ve just done this to my son’s old bedroom.

Blue interiors | St Giles Blue | My Friend's House What’s misleading about that photo is that the cupboards take up a really long wall – the whole wall – of the room. A giant shiny wall of blue. It’s pretty out there. I’ve decided I’m definitely on board with the gloss – it really does bounce light around as they say it should. The blue I like, but does it work with the rest of the room?

Here’s how the rest of the room looked- and still basically looks – when we first put it together all the way back when my first born was just born (aw).


The culture of doos and doocots

I watched a sweet half-hour show last week called The People’s Painting: A mural for Glasgow. It followed artists Louise Chappell and Becky Bolton – AKA Good Wives and Warriors - on their quest to create a mural in Parkhead in the East end, to celebrate the Commonwealth games. The city has a long tradition of murals, […]

Lego washed up on beach

Lego lost at sea

“Dear god, we pray not that wrecks should happen, but if it be Thy will that they do, we pray Thee let them be to the benefit of Thy poor people of Scilly.” So, supposedly, said the Reverend Troutbeck of The Isles of Scilly, just off the far tip of Cornwall. Wrecking – using lights […]