Mother! Home invasion horror

Well it’s been years since I went to the cinema, but last night I stepped out to watch Mother!, the latest from the director of Black Swan. If you have even a passing interest in movies you’ll know that this film has had somewhat mixed reviews, and that according to the director it is supposed to be an allegory for God, Adam and Eve, planet earth and all of that. Wrong – what he has actually created is what all us Interiors-istas have been both waiting for and dreading – a horror movie about having the home you just decorated invaded by philistine guests, who then proceed to fuck it up. I haven’t felt so terrified since a child wiped the inside of a tuna sandwich on my newly painted kitchen walls.



Holiday on the Azores

This is going to be a ‘hey I went on holiday’ sort of a post so sorry about that if you’ve had it up to here with it on Facebook and Instagram during the summer. We spent a week on┬áSao Miguel the largest of Portugal’s volcanic Azores islands, which are mid-way out into the Atlantic. […]

vintage painting

Lille Braderie 2017

Imagine, Bargain Hunters, a city filled with junk for sale, laid out on blankets and wallpapering tables on every boulevard, square and side street. Imagine this city appears just once a year, like a flea-market Brigadoon. This tat-hunter’s paradise is real, however, and it’s called la Braderie. It takes place on the first September weekend […]


My Kokeshi

A couple of months ago my wonderful sister-in-law came to visit, without brother, from Tokyo. We had a lovely chilly time here, and we also called on my friend at the other end of the terrace, where sister-in-law spotted her wooden doll, brought back many years ago from travels in Japan. Next time I saw […]