Door drama

Did I not mention that I did actually finish the front door? Last time we conversed about this – I say conversed as you were quite forthcoming with the mostly helpful comments – I was flapping on about whether to paint the porch brown. Well. One night during the paint-athon period, I awoke to the most gruesome noise of my cat being attacked in our front garden by a fox. She was left in a right state and unable to walk but…skip to the end….is now making a fabulous recovery and despite being wobbly on one side is pretty much back to her old self. She can even jump on the kitchen table to finish all our dinners when nobody is looking. What’s this got to do with my door? Well I had the brown paint in the house already so it was a case of just asking the painter to use it rather than my having to think towards buying a pot of something else when I was too consumed with worry about my furry friend. On behalf of the cat then I give you a Real Reveal of the brown that looks different in every photo…

Navy blue front door | My Friend's House (more…)

Holiday on the Azores

This is going to be a ‘hey I went on holiday’ sort of a post so sorry about that if you’ve had it up to here with it on Facebook and Instagram during the summer. We spent a week on┬áSao Miguel the largest of Portugal’s volcanic Azores islands, which are mid-way out into the Atlantic. […]

vintage painting

Lille Braderie 2017

Imagine, Bargain Hunters, a city filled with junk for sale, laid out on blankets and wallpapering tables on every boulevard, square and side street. Imagine this city appears just once a year, like a flea-market Brigadoon. This tat-hunter’s paradise is real, however, and it’s called la Braderie. It takes place on the first September weekend […]