Secret doors… and a competition

Dreamy child that I was, I always loved books and stories that featured hidden or secret doors. From Narnia to The Famous Five, hidden doors are all over classic children’s literature, and it’s easy to see why they capture the imagination. I was reminded of this when I saw this image from Cole & Son’s new Archive Anthology range of wallpapers.

Cole & Son Archive


Address book: Bathroom accessories

I’ve ordered new taps for the bathroom, otherwise that project is at a complete standstill thanks to indecision about big factors. You’d think I wasn’t at the point of looking at accessories for the room yet since there’s not even a paint swatch up or a shower tile picked. You’d think, but you’d be wrong. […]

Lo-fi washing machine

Orf grid

I was amused to read Catherine Bennett in Sunday’s Observer writing a piece about the lack of progress in domestic appliance design. Why all the obsession over tiny developments in mobile phones, while the humble washing machine seems still as clunky, ugly and prone to break-down as it has been for decades*, she asked?┬áIt made […]

blue enamlled pans

Blast from the past

In Margate this weekend we took retro-loving friends to Margate Retro, a charming store run by a man and boy, both in Arkwright-style shop coats, with an ever-changing stock of 50s office furniture, lighting and record players. Free with my friends’ purchase came two copies of a long-forgotten part-work magazine. Brilliant sales trick.