Address Book: Whether To Choose a Fridge Freezer to Match your Kitchen

When the concept of the above question was put to me, first thoughts were – yes I can see there is an argument on both sides to this. I like to mix things up a bit myself when it comes to home décor so am inclined to go for contrast in many situations. But on further consideration, and despite years spent honing this mismatched, imperfect, freeform kind of style in my home, I have to say my overriding answer to whether you should choose a fridge freezer to match your kitchen is yes, absolutely yes.

Mismatched kitchen |Pink interiors | My Friend's House

I’d put a black fridge freezer in this kitchen owing to the tiles, walls and cooker


Ros and Jill My Friend's House

Come on inside…

Regular readers of the blog will, I presume, be familiar with both of our houses. Although not necessarily which one is which. Today however you can get a more thorough dig around Jill’s home, because we’ve been invited to take part in the new Inside My Home feature on the DirectBlinds blog. Jill took up […]