Woven garden chairs

Apparently in July and August it’s normal for your garden to feel a bit out of bloom. I found this out during a whinge to a gardening person about the lack of flora in mine. Annoying since honestly, all I seem to have done in the last five years (summers anyway) is plant stuff in it. I sort of dealt with the flower gaps by going a bit mental in the garden centre the other week, but to be honest mainly attended to the lack of colour accidentally during a separate quest to find comfy garden chairs. In short, here’s me boasting about my new chairs from Malika, as mentioned by Ros the other week.

New chairs  African woven chairs  My Friend's House


Norton Folgate

Norton Folgate is saved!

A seemingly rare victory for old London against the developers occurred this week, when a planning committee voted not to allow British Land’s plans for Norton Folgate. I didn’t write about it at the time as, well, if I wrote about every building under threat here we’d never cover anything else. It gets depressing. If […]

Catalan interiors porn

“It’s really just a boring house inside,” said the concierge in our hotel when we asked him to book us tickets to see Gaudi’s Casa Mila in Barcelona last week. To be fair I don’t think he felt that the architecture itself was boring – it’s a curving Art Nouveau beauty with a courtyard at its centre […]