How to fold a fitted sheet

I admit it. I have caved and bought a fitted sheet. You want a list of my lifelong objections to these things, check it out here. What can I say, I’m weak. I have sold out my beliefs because er, my fidgety friend needs a sheet staple-gunning to the mattress but a fitted sheet is the next best thing. But I still HATE HATE HATE the way fitted sheets won’t fold nicely. Out of the corner of my eye I have glimpsed tweets and FB posts alluding to some smart and simple trick (or a life hack, if that’s your thing) for folding fitted sheets. That was what first attracted me to this video by brilliant Janey Godley. Warning mums and nuns – there’s lots of swearing in a Glasgow accent. Swoon, I’m biased. Get te fuck indeed.

I got completely addicted to Janey Godley via this video of her voicing over Nicola Sturgeon with some recurring Scottish tropes – i.e. soup, caravans and wee dugs.


strathchailleach bothy

Outsider art at the bothy

You may have seen an article about bothys recently – I’ve been directed to a couple, both written to mark the publication of The Bothy Bible, a book documenting the work and properties of the Mountain Bothy Association. This one on the BBC is really good, with interesting history of various of the huts plus […]

The future is….buttery

I have seen the future and it is yellow. But a sort of buttery, warm yellow nothing like the zingy lime-based yellows or Mid C feeling mustards that have been in flavour. This bold announcement comes from a presentation I went to last week held by Joa Studholm, who creates the colours for Farrow & […]