Punched paintings: told you it was a thing

Always nice to see a MFH trend being picked up and going international. Some 18 months ago I reported on a repro Monet canvas I’d bought in the local junk shop, which had a big hole punched in it. The image is of course beautiful, but it was the big fist imprint that really sealed the deal, I claimed at the time. Here it is when I bought it…

monet flowers red vase

…and here it is up on the wall lookin’ splendid. (more…)

A House in Bayswater

Vanishing London, 60s style

The debate about gentrification, the protests over rows of beautiful old houses being demolished, the huge question of how ordinary Londoners are going to be able to live here in future… instead of looking forward today I’m looking back, having found a fascinating film in the BBC archive that itself demonstrates the endlessly changing streetscapes […]


Festival of the Horse

I just saw some great photos in the Guardian today and had to share. I am fascinated by folk art and folk festivals, both in the Uk and around the world. My home county of Cornwall of course has plenty – I remember being quite frightened by what was, back in the 80s, a rough-and-tumble, […]