All These Nice Things – Nunhead pop up

Is Instagram controlling me? Yesterday on the strength of a photo on it, I found out about and also went ahead and visited a new neighbourhood pop up shop in nearby Nunhead. All These Nice Things has two criteria for its stock – it has to be hand made and it has to have been created by a London designer. The owner was a great chatter and though I failed to take her name, I learnt that she just filled the shop with stuff she likes, that her sister makes great quilts and that she is using the pop up as an experiment for a proper shop someday soon.

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I’m going on holiday on Sunday and need to finish all this month’s work early. So sorry to be brief, but check out this chair that I want. It’s green and pink, and it’s a chair so guess who else is going to want it. I love Abel Sloane’s website, it’s pure furniture porn. I […]

Margate pride

Proud at last

So this weekend was Margate Pride and I had a lovely time. Last year’s Pride was pretty sad – leaflets went out to homes beforehand from someone warning against the town turning into “Margay” (sounds like a dream to me). In the end there was a paltry procession and the main acts got cancelled because […]