What we wore

Just discovered  an online archive of British life / fashion from the 1950′s to now. What We Wore is made up of photos submitted from ordinary Brits who were into something. Ordinary except for maybe an artist and writer called Billy Boy who’s submission includes photos of him with Andy Warhol. Mainly though it’s punks, mods, funk and soul dudes, ‘posh boys in disguise’ at the carnival, whatever you can think of, and never particularly professional looking or presented in an artistic way. It’s snaps at parties stuff. Which makes the site a presentation of British subcultures that you can identify with – I can picture lots of those people in the boring suburb I grew up in (we had thriving punk, goth, raver scenes).

Here’s a small glimpse.



Captioned, the day Elvis died. (more…)

Lebanon flashback

Max Fraser was tweeting from Beirut last week and on sunday I found myself reading a piece about the political situation in Lebanon by A A Gill – and a depressing prediction from a local intellectual that there would be no Lebanon soon. Both things made me nostalgic for a holiday I took there nine […]

pink house hastings

Colours of Hastings

This weekend I finally made it down the coast to Hastings. When I bought the flat in Margate, the only other place on the coast that was affordable was Hastings. Out of instinct – having never visited Hastings – I went for Margate as the place for a bolt hole. Visiting Hastings finally it was […]