Trossel and Troc

Last week I told you I was off for a weekend in Rouen, the primary purpose of which was moving some furniture, but I was also hoping to find a bit of time for a sneaky junk shop or two. Rouen, it turns out, is known as something of an antiques capital, and sure enough the narrow cobbled streets and alleyways in the oldest part of the town were full of rather swanky shops selling things you definitely wouldn’t want to accidentally knock over and break (yes, that did nearly happen. I have a huge puffa coat that’s an absolute liability in any well-stocked antique shop).

rouen old town


Anna Pottery jug

Ooops: another obsession

A weekend of rummaging in junk shops might have brought on a new thing to obsess over and start collecting. Oh dear. This hideous beauty is a Dartmouth Pottery jug, variously known as a Gurgle, Gluggle or Glug jug. I’ve noticed in a distracted sort of way a mini trend for dark green vintage crockery, […]