Friday cushion fact

Lenny Kravitz designed a range and shocker, it’s quite nice. It’s part of a whole furniture collection in fact and I guess we shouldn’t be surprised, the man had his house in Elle Deco once upon a time. I think that was what you’d describe as groovy if you were too polite to say shag-pad. Anyway, I searched through his new designs and decided the cushions win the prize of being on the blog owing to their nice colour combos and on-trend geometric shapes.

pata-18x12-pillow (more…)

brass kitchen taps

Brass taps

How many features about kitchen taps have I written in my life? How often have I confidently opined that the taps are the bit you mustn’t skimp on, money-wise? But sitting here, looking for my own set of perfect kitchen taps, I suddenly realise it’s just not that easy. For my about-to-arrive kitchen I am […]