Freakin’ scary

Keeping your doors and windows locked this Halloween? Hiding behind the sofa when the local rough kids ring your doorbell? Don’t think you’re going to be safe just because you’re at home. Sometimes there is nothing more chilling than a bit of contemporary interior design. Do you dare take our haunted house tour?

Scary design | Pop up Door 19 Moscow | Trendland

Exhibit A: Part seance, part electrocution, this is the last table we’d want to be sitting at for dinner. Insane outsider art on the walls, exposed venting and a demented, dangling forest of wires and bulbs… this could be the set for the latest SAW movie. (more…)

Patti Smith and the Chelsea

I’m finishing Patti Smith’s Just Kids just now. It’s brilliant. Her writing style and anecdotes of Manhattan’s art and music scene in the late 60′s and 70′s make it very whip-throughable. She begins with a brief insight into her childhood in South Jersey (pretty poor, pretty literary), before moving onto her meeting Robert Mapplethorpe in Brooklyn, then […]

Jeremy Dellar English Magic

English Magic on sea

A couple of weeks ago the exhibition English Magic by Jeremy Dellar opened at Turner Contemporary in Margate. My friend Savinder had some of her own work on show that day, as part of the opening day of the exhibition. The gallery also hosted a steel band, choir, and a display of owls. I haven’t […]

Autumn week away

I just returned from a week off during one of the most glorious Autumns I can remember. It’s barely coat weather, the sky is blue at least part of the day and all the newly dropped leaves are crisp, not clogging up the drains yet. I thought it took full sunshine and a beach to make […]