Handbags and architecture

I went to a great artist-maker event last night, organised by Ally Capellino with proceeds going to the relief of Ebola. I’ll be blogging about it properly soon (will give you a heads up when), but in the meantime I thought I’d share with you some imagery from the A/W look book from Ally Capellino which we were sent off with at the end of the night. It’s so lovely, all handbags juxtaposed with brutalist and modernist buldings, bikes and bearded men.

DSC09930 (more…)

colourful bohemian indian room

Blog: boho heaven

You wouldn’t necessarily imagine that where I’m from is particularly exotic. Penzance, the last town in England before Lands End, on the finger of rock that is West Cornwall. Just a few miles from St Ives and the fishing village of Mousehole, both now full of tastefully decorated seaside holiday homes, you’d imagine it perhaps […]

This is what feminist, socialist housing looks like

A random stumble across a photography project led me to discover this. It’s an apartment block in the centre of Moscow, built in 1928-32 to the designs of architect Moisei Ginzberg. The building is called Narkomfin, and was designed for employees of the Commissariat of Finance based on ideas from the Constructivist movement regarding both form and communal […]