Finnish nest dolls and a bit of Moomin news

Remember I went to Helsinki back in April and reported as though I was a spiritual culture vulture above consuming anything? Well I’m over all that now and ready to share with you What I Bought…

oaknut_matryoshka (more…)

horsehair dustpan and brush

System Addict

I am a disorganised person, in general, and lazy. Regards keeping house I find myself easily overwhelmed, sent into a languorous melancholy at the sight of a pile of dishes, the hopelessness of ever keeping up with life’s daily demands making me feel quite weak. I’m also capable to turning a blind eye to things […]

My Friend’s….Fundraiser

I’m involved in a fundraiser taking place mid November. I’m having to go around asking folk for raffle prizes and everything (wait for it…). The idea came from our friend Ruth, who’s gathered a squad of South London ladies to help her put together an afternoon of live music with tea, drinks and cake in […]