A Bigger Splash + get the look

On Monday three friends and I got ourselves to the Curzon Soho for a 6.15pm showing of Tilda Swinton’s new movie A Bigger Splash. It’s directed by Luca Guadagnino – long-time Tilda collaborator, he of I Am Love. The pair came on afterwards for a Q&A and everyone in the cinema focussed intently on Tilda, all poised, luminous and angular. Anyway, the main location of the film, a house on the Sicilian island of Pantalleria, was pure interiors porn (much like the house in I Am Love) so it’s getting a shout out today. To set the scene a bit, here’s a Pantallerian house sort of like the one in the film – I looked and looked, but couldn’t find the actual one.


Image from Huffington Post (more…)

Untouched Parisian apartment

RightMove Addicts Anonymous

Let’s examine some evidence, shall we? I’m looking round houses at the weekend. My pal is thinking of moving to the area and wants someone to come with on a few noseys. The pleasure will be all mine. At a London Burn’s Night supper I said something (incredibly boring) about an untouched Georgian wreck for […]

Open kitchen shelves

Tea cup nerd out

Well we’re here, in the flat by the sea as we have been many times before. But this time we’re hopefully staying put. What, then, was the very first bit of cleaning and unpacking I did? Ladies and gentlemen, let me present my cabinet of family heirlooms, long envisaged, now an actual reality in my […]

Gali Cnaani

New look for books?

Hey. I’m in the process of moving – very slowly I might add – and all the attendant clearing out that involves. Although the place we’re moving to is bigger, it doesn’t have the advantage of a cellar to hide everything in, so I’m trying to do a massive edit of stuff. One of the […]