Everywhere you go in Margate right now, people are talking plans, arrangements, schemes. Meeting in Fort’s cafe with a laptop talking about funding applications. Men walking on the beach at sunset discussing viability of this and that. Flyers up for art projects and club nights. Anecdotes shared by shopkeepers about the number of arty types moving down from London, swapping a basement rabbit hutch for a handsome Victorian 5-bedder, paint it as a soon-to-be  Dalston-on-sea. Events and exhibitions are springing up in the endless empty shops, lofts and basements. And the town even has its own Warhol-in-waiting, artist Charlie Evaristo-Boyce.

Charlie Evaristo-Boyce


New magazine MacGuffin

Love sleep? Like looking at photographs of ruffled sheets? Interested in the how different species like to get their nap on? Then you’re gonna love MacGuffin magazine (full title, MacGuffin: The Life of Things). Launched at Milan furniture fair last month, it came to my attention when Fantastic Man announced on Facebook that their friends were launching a new title whose […]

Robert Fidler

Damned Designs

What do you think about the planning laws? Flawed but necessary? Sensible or restrictive? Probably, like me, they’re good for others and slightly annoying when applied to your own grand building plan. The recent example of a pub, demolished by developers the day before a listing was brought into force, is a case of everyone […]

Lets skate over it

Heavily disappointed by the outcome of the general election?  Thinking about what you can do to change things? Well I have no answers for that sadly. But I can help you with a bit of friday escapism in the shape of this short film about the disco roller skaters of Central Park – something I’d […]