New colour obsession: Blue and tobacco

Ros and I used to work with stylist Poppy Norton who has always been a walking embodiment of the next colour combination you’ll obsess over. We had dinner with her recently and she was wearing the dynamite combination of blue and tobacco. I’ve not been able to stop thinking about it since. It’s sort of shifted in my mind now to include rusty, manky colours of brown too. Below, some images that are contributing to my thoughts on how to translate Poppy’s sartorial style into my home…

Blue&Brown  Colour trend  My Friend's House trend



A walk down Wonderstreet

Calling all Pinners, makers and fans of a mood board. We’re working with a new website that you might be interested in. Wonderstreet is new site aimed at passionate design lovers, and lets you upload images you like, images of your own work, and also allows you to place requests for things you might want […]