All the bad cats

This is my bad one. Sitting with a wild stare in her eye as she’s been carrying her latest kill around the house while yowling. Loudly. Happily for me, my cat limits her kill to objects that are inanimate. Tunisian slippers, animal keyrings, the mouse from The Gruffalo and now this ghastly small doll that came free with a magazine. All items belong to my daughter, so it’s likely the cat is trying to send a message of some kind. Who knows. My point in telling you about it is that I just discovered – thanks as ever to Jo Waterhouse – All the Bad Cats, an artistic and perhaps therapeutic venture by Matt Timms who promises “I will paint a brutally honest portrait of your cat being bad.”

All the bad cats | My Friend's House


Highland cabin porn

Killiehuntly estate is near Glenfeshie in the Cairngorms and includes a child-free farmhouse where you can stay and have your breakfast made for you, and a child-friendly cottage where you make your own food and fun. The latter of which I stayed in for two nights after our camping mini break. Good grief it’s beautiful, […]

Cameron moving day

May Day

Yes it’s change-over day at Downing Street, with the old incumbents running round stuffing the very last of their belongings, including that little pile of small change and the coat hangers from the dry-cleaners, into bin bags while the new folks wait impatiently outside. Here is what the scene looked like when they moved in […]