The coolest thing in Milan

My headline is misleading for I am not currently roaming the streets and trade halls of Milan. I am in lovely Peckham foraging on Instagram for distraction when I’m meant to be getting on with a piece of work. Thanks to this – and despite lack of presence at the famous fair – I am […]

The future is….buttery

I have seen the future and it is yellow. But a sort of buttery, warm yellow nothing like the zingy lime-based yellows or Mid C feeling mustards that have been in flavour. This bold announcement comes from a presentation I went to last week held by Joa Studholm, who creates the colours for Farrow & […]

F*ck You art

Remember how much we hated slogans when we started this blog (in 2009!)? Well I’ve found a few to get behind that – celebrate? rebel in the face of? – the close of 2016. The first is a set of Christmas cards by Babak Ganjei.