Roving reporter

Friday file: Ten Meter Tower

I know it’s not Friday, but that’s another way of saying… this is probably one for the freelancers. Mine and Jill’s esteemed colleague from a job a hundred years ago (when we still got sent paper press releases in the post – how quaint!) used to save up anything that looked vaguely ‘fun’ to read […]

handmade caravan

Hand-crafted caravan

My mum came up to visit with lots of old photos for me to look at – amongst which was this one. Not very old, and I’d forgotten I’d taken it, but it was intended for the blog. The picture is of my childhood toy caravan, a most precious object which was brilliant to play […]

Light relief – the interiors of Murder She Wrote

Since a massive amount of distraction is now required to get through a day without exclaiming at the state of things – and because who doesn’t love Angela Lansbury – here’s new favourite Instagram phenomenon, Interiors of Murder She Wrote. Offered in the same-ish spirit as Every Outfit Sex and the City but without any […]