Decorating dilemmas

Another person’s tile drama, but this time bathrooms

The most unreal news in my life for the past few years is that we bought a plot of land in the highlands and are building a house on it. It’s not lost on me how unbelievably lucky this makes us, but skimming over that swiftly….we’ve got an interior designer on board. Her name is […]

Alhambra tiles

The T on those tiles

And for those of you not down with the lingo, that’s T as in Truth. Yes, here comes the reveal of how my tedious tile tension turned out… Thanks to everyone who commented on the blog, telling me to follow my heart and not compromise, putting off the work a little longer if necessary. You […]


All Hail Alhambra – or tiles Part 2

So yesterday, on route to Glasgow, I stopped into the tile shop I refused to name in my last post in case you went and bought my dream reclaimed tiles before me. Needless to say, the tiles had been bought. The lady pointed to two boxes which contained them, ready to go to their new […]

reclaimed tiles

Tile tension

When you’re particular about things, shopping can be hard, no? Rarely these days, but occasionally I get a notion for something very specific that I want to buy, and I can never ever quite find it. That winter 20 years ago I got it into my head that I really needed some suede boots like […]