Decorating dilemmas

changing rooms

Interior decorating, 90s style

Remember a simpler time, when we regarded our houses as places to get away from everybody, rather than investment vehicles? When a chill-out zone was two bean bags and a plastic Buddha? When a man in an open-to-the-waist floral shirt could be a sex symbol to a nation? Remember, is what I’m getting at, Changing […]

Door update – is this oversharing?

So I got the door back and it was totally the wrong blue. I was after navy blue, like my handbag and so I just spent a morning finding it in my local great paint shop (in West Norwood) to paint over the wrong blue.

Tinkering about with paint again – front door special

I’ve lived in my house for ten years and for about five of those I’ve thought “maybe we’ll move”. Since this could go on some and because I will not stop wanting to paint things, we’re finally buying a new front door. We’re keeping the stained glass sections, but the replacement door will be navy […]

Another person’s tile drama, but this time bathrooms

The most unreal news in my life for the past few years is that we bought a plot of land in the highlands and are building a house on it. It’s not lost on me how unbelievably lucky this makes us, but skimming over that swiftly….we’ve got an interior designer on board. Her name is […]