The coolest thing in Milan

My headline is misleading for I am not currently roaming the streets and trade halls of Milan. I am in lovely Peckham foraging on Instagram for distraction when I’m meant to be getting on with a piece of work. Thanks to this – and despite lack of presence at the famous fair – I am going to confidently announce that the coolest thing spotted at Milan so far is…

This vintage set of Locus Solus garden furniture by Gae Aulenti for Poltronova, circa 1960-69. We hailed Gae Aulenti a hero here before and now those tasteful dudes at Dimore Studios have included her collection of furniture in one of their rooms for this week’s design event. Total affirmation.

Dimore Studio | Milan 2017 rooms | My Friend's House

Here are the same chairs in gorgeous yellow in 1969’s Jacques Deray-directed La Piscine, the film that partly inspired last year’s A Bigger Splash. 
La-piscine | gae-aulenti | My Friend's House

La Piscine | Gae Aulenti | My Friend's House To save you the bother, I’ve just spent some time on 1st Dibs confirming that none of us can afford said furniture. Even if we could we’d be putting them in a prime spot indoors as the Dimore guys have. I’ve also found a sun lounger from the same collection that would look pretty fly by the pool of that Miami beach house we’re all getting one day.

Gae Aulenti | Sun lounger | My Friend's House

No need to read further Milan trends reports I reckon.


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  1. Furniture Heaven
    April 4, 2017 at 6:22 pm #

    Interesting article and thanks for sharing. Shame you aren’t in Milan though 😉

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