Uags bothy and the North Coast 500

A little late, here is a report on my recent trip up to the Highlands in search of that dream cottage of my childhood imaginings. And, yeah, good news is I found it.

uags bothy

Image from walk

Uags bothy is only a 2 and a half mile walk from the nearest little village, but it took us 2 hours. The reward is totally worth it. A single cosy cottage perched on an outcrop of rock above a cove, backed by a little wood. In front of the house is an area which would once have been cultivated, and now looks for all the world like a bowling green dropped onto wild moor land. Across the other side of this green is a large waterfall and a group of about five little ruins – a village, once. (more…)

vintage painting

Lille Braderie 2017

Imagine, Bargain Hunters, a city filled with junk for sale, laid out on blankets and wallpapering tables on every boulevard, square and side street. Imagine this city appears just once a year, like a flea-market Brigadoon. This tat-hunter’s paradise is real, however, and it’s called la Braderie. It takes place on the first September weekend […]


My Kokeshi

A couple of months ago my wonderful sister-in-law came to visit, without brother, from Tokyo. We had a lovely chilly time here, and we also called on my friend at the other end of the terrace, where sister-in-law spotted her wooden doll, brought back many years ago from travels in Japan. Next time I saw […]