Light relief – the interiors of Murder She Wrote

Since a massive amount of distraction is now required to get through a day without exclaiming at the state of things – and because who doesn’t love Angela Lansbury – here’s new favourite Instagram phenomenon, Interiors of Murder She Wrote. Offered in the same-ish spirit as Every Outfit Sex and the City but without any emphasis on clothes, IOMSW brings together three other good things: power interiors from the 80s, Jessica Fletcher and – well ok not exactly good – murder. The latter is not too grisly if that makes you feel any better. See below death in a marble hot tub for more info (spot the big 80s television).

Screen Shot 2017-02-02 at 11.33.26


The Art Deco house of dreams

If there’s one overriding feature I noticed about Eltham Palace, it’s that you can feel the parties in the walls. Not just because of the whole Dry January nonsense currently being observed in this house or because English Heritage has set Champagne and glasses on one of the sideboards to fix the mood of a […]