Choose your words carefully

OK, so it’s a huge trend – still. Printed posters of slogans with a retro, self-improving feel in pretty colours. But is it just me or are these posters more than a little bossy in tone? I can see it looks beautiful – no one is more obsessed with mustard yellow accessories than me – but isn’t there something up with the logic of this Bold and Noble ‘Live Off The Land’ print? It’s £38, which if you actually were trying to live off the land, Good Life style, might seem a bit steep. You could buy twenty bags of mulch for that. (I made that up.)

Live off the land

Not to mention the now ubiquitous Keep Calm, the 21st century equivalent of a FCUK t-shirt. Whenever I see one I feel like I’m moments from being hectored into cooking with powdered egg by a member of the local WI.


There’s something a bit creepy about having words put in your mouth. Much better to get yourself something unique to you, as I demonstrate in my own word poster below. A headline taken from a paper that amused me at the time, I stuck it in a cheap frame and left it in a cupboard, until I stumbled on it years later and laughed for half an hour. It says ‘Police to monitor Notting Hill Carnival dressed as Rastafarians’. Maybe I should get it printed on a tea towel…

Police picture