Anatomy of a desk

Oh, My Friend, don’t get me started on obsessively grouping books for visual effect. I wrote the, er, yeah…

It’s a subject I’m sure I’ll return to (and return to) but one of these micro book collections does make a passing appearance in what I was going to post about today, namely, my desk.

I have always had a thing about desks and offices. An office is anywhere you can get together a table, a heavy old typewriter, some maps and lists pinned to the wall, and a ready supply of coffee. It’s a mix of the personal and the practical, and revealing about its owner because of that. So, with that spirit of openness in mind, here – only slightly tidied for the camera – is a pic and a quick run down of where I work (sometimes):

yellow formica-topped kitchen table

pantone mug (now smashed)

collection of 70s adventure fiction in red 60s book-roll (possible design classic? – must check)

pictures including Jurgen Teller’s swimming pool, a Paul Smith tapestry design for The Rug Company, and a tiny picture of Big Daddy

view of Slim Jim’s Cafe (not shown)

Actually on the wall on the bottom left is a pic of my fantasy set-up, with gorgeous Skandi desk, Anglepoise and chic paint chart. I tore it out of an interiors mag to inspire me. But mine will do for now.


I’ve got a cold, so today I’m writing from my perfectly mismatched bedlinen-ed bed. Oh yes, I too am onto that trend…But right now I’m thinking about books, specifically where to keep them. Check out this window display of a gallery and lending library in Rivington street. Doesn’t it make you want to block out […]

Toast candy stripe


Oh, I see you’re still sleeping on white sheets beneath a white duvet. Interesting choice. Who do you think you are, Kelly Hoppen? I have seen the future and it is…. Mismatched bedlinen. So rustic, so thrifty, so boho. I love it. These candy-stripe pillows are from Toast, and I covet them.     I […]


Dr Hook

Listen, I’ve got a brilliant idea for your hallway. Okay, I nicked it from a shop (Liberty, since you ask), but it’s still good and if you take from here, I can say I started a trend. Instead of hanging boring hooks so you have a place to put your parka (or your Autumn / […]