Key bling

Brace yourself, I’ve come over all bling. A Saturday afternoon’s shopping led to Marc by Marc Jacobs on South Audley street – not my natural habitat, but fun for a look. And not even the shop girl’s big case of bad attitude could stop me from buying this blingtastic (and by the way quite heavy) key ring. If it’s good enough for make-believe Marc Jacobs hotel, I thought, then it’s good enough for my house. At £12 it was the cheapest thing going, which may explain shop girl’s nonsense. Anyway, gone are the days of rifling about in my handbag for ten minutes on the porch. There’s no losing this hunk of gold, even in a shopper.

Marc by Marc Jacobs keyring

I’ve long been partial to dressing up keys as a cheap way of working hotel chic. Here’s another subject – my bathroom lock – trussed up with a tassel from Barnett Lawson.

black door Branett Lawson tassel trimming

And the light pull from the same room – also from Barnett Lawson – now minus one pom pom thanks to my one-year-old’s mighty grip and love of meddling with design features.

bathroom light tassel trimming from Barnett Lawson

Last year’s knitting fad led to a flirtation with home made pom poms and an idea for my kitchen. Thankfully, a low tolerance for winding wool around a piece of cereal box stopped me from going crazy on all my cupboards.

pom pom kit

For something a whole lot less homespun, check out Jessica Light’s tassels and tie-backs. I doubt she was fiddling around with a cornflakes box to make these beauties.

Is it just us..?

Invited for dinner at My Friend’s gaff recently, talk between us – to the bafflement of the gents present – turned to tea towels. My Friend had a Mr T towel which I think started the whole thing, and we were both comparing designs and the superiority of pure linen like a couple of scullery […]

A can of worms

Having lived here for three-and-a-half years and spent around 30% of that time talking about installing a wood burning stove in the living room – aka the chill box – I finally got the nod of agreement from Mr My Friend just before Christmas and voila we have a bloody gorgeous Morso stove. I am […]

Birds & words

Birds and words

Ah, the joy of a task completed without me making a mess of it. Last year I was sent a copy of the delightful Birds & Words by Ammo Books, a book of prints by the late American artist Charley Harper. His images are doing the rounds at the moment, and perfect for the home […]

Mood swings

I’ve got some nice-but-knackered woodwork in my hall – the cupboards under the stairs – which is crying out for some colour. Teal, I think. But a kind of dark teal. Or is it turquoise? It’s a colour that exists in my head but refuses to be pinned down when I confront the paint charts. […]