Is it just us..?

Invited for dinner at My Friend’s gaff recently, talk between us – to the bafflement of the gents present – turned to tea towels. My Friend had a Mr T towel which I think started the whole thing, and we were both comparing designs and the superiority of pure linen like a couple of scullery maids. Well, my endless enthusing payed off, with tea towel gifts from two separate sources.

The Thornback & Peel lobster print tea towel (60% linen for those making notes) I had actually spent a lot of time appreciating loudly, but the ‘Will Patrons Kindly Refrain’ towel from Loveigloo I hadn’t seen before. Except of course as a child at the swimming pool, where my prudish 7 year old self couldn’t imagine why you’d want to bomb, pet or smoke anyplace, least of all the municipal pool.

Still my favourite though is another of Grandma’s family heirlooms. A Guinness tea towel, from the days when she ran a pub. 100% linen baby. Dries like a dream. The design of cartoon strong men is just about still visible, though my house guest waggishly said ‘I thought they were just stains.’

Ultimate respect though to my brother. This Christmas I discovered his flannel was in fact a Watney beer towel, also from the pub. How manly.

A can of worms

Having lived here for three-and-a-half years and spent around 30% of that time talking about installing a wood burning stove in the living room – aka the chill box – I finally got the nod of agreement from Mr My Friend just before Christmas and voila we have a bloody gorgeous Morso stove. I am […]

Birds & words

Birds and words

Ah, the joy of a task completed without me making a mess of it. Last year I was sent a copy of the delightful Birds & Words by Ammo Books, a book of prints by the late American artist Charley Harper. His images are doing the rounds at the moment, and perfect for the home […]

Mood swings

I’ve got some nice-but-knackered woodwork in my hall – the cupboards under the stairs – which is crying out for some colour. Teal, I think. But a kind of dark teal. Or is it turquoise? It’s a colour that exists in my head but refuses to be pinned down when I confront the paint charts. […]

Anatomy of a desk

Oh, My Friend, don’t get me started on obsessively grouping books for visual effect. I wrote the, er, yeah… It’s a subject I’m sure I’ll return to (and return to) but one of these micro book collections does make a passing appearance in what I was going to post about today, namely, my desk. I […]