My new favourite lunch

A friend dropped by with her daughter for an impromptu lunch the other day and the best I could rustle up from my nearly bare cupboards was boiled eggs and soldiers.  It  brought back happy memories of saturday tv dinners in front of the A Team and was so easy to knock up in minutes. I predict a microtrend happening in this house.

Owing to my incomplete crockery collection, my friend had to fashion some cups out of the egg box while I dealt with the soldiers. There was sellotape involved and everything. I don’t think she’ll mind me describing the result as, erm, crafty. Conclusion: I am now on a quest for some egg cups. Here are a few of my favourites…

Clockwise from top left: porcelain egg cups by Linda Bloomfield, stackable ceramic Egg Saucer by Yoyo Ceramics, bone china Butterflies Egg Stand by Polly George, earthenware clay My Egg And Soldiers by Takae Mizutani, bone china Egg Cube by Kathleen Hills, plastic Egg Soldier Cup by Reiko Kaneko.

Marc by Marc Jacobs keyring

Key bling

Brace yourself, I’ve come over all bling. A Saturday afternoon’s shopping led to Marc by Marc Jacobs on South Audley street – not my natural habitat, but fun for a look. And not even the shop girl’s big case of bad attitude could stop me from buying this blingtastic (and by the way quite heavy) key […]

Is it just us..?

Invited for dinner at My Friend’s gaff recently, talk between us – to the bafflement of the gents present – turned to tea towels. My Friend had a Mr T towel which I think started the whole thing, and we were both comparing designs and the superiority of pure linen like a couple of scullery […]

A can of worms

Having lived here for three-and-a-half years and spent around 30% of that time talking about installing a wood burning stove in the living room – aka the chill box – I finally got the nod of agreement from Mr My Friend just before Christmas and voila we have a bloody gorgeous Morso stove. I am […]

Birds & words

Birds and words

Ah, the joy of a task completed without me making a mess of it. Last year I was sent a copy of the delightful Birds & Words by Ammo Books, a book of prints by the late American artist Charley Harper. His images are doing the rounds at the moment, and perfect for the home […]