Things I have in common with Donald Trump

Wild hair, I suppose. But really it’s desk style. I was amused by this picture in the… yeah… Daily Mail of the Commander in Chief’s desk in Trump Tower. Look at the state of it. Teetering piles of crap everywhere.

Donald Trump's office

And here’s mine…

messy desk  I use more of the floor than he does, and I could sure do with a similarly enormous bin as what he’s got. My little hessian recycling bag is overflowing. Where he has a musket hanging on the wall, I have my snorkel. Where he has a framed Playboy cover (just out of this shot but believe me, he has more than one) I have a sexy picture of a lady and a frond.

inside Donald Trump's office

Here’s another picture of the desk. Check it out! Jill has had desks professionally fumigated* when they look less messy than this.


Donald Trump's office video

And then look at the other bits of the room. A sofa covered in hats and jackets (check). Then leaning in one corner are more than a dozen baseball bats. But what are the longer things? Left-over skirting boards? An easel? In my office I have lots of tins of paint, a pile of stuff to go to the charity shop and a DustBuster. I expect just out of shot Donald’s got the same.

DISCLAIMER: MFH is actually a fake news site operating out of Macedonia. Jill and I are in fact Balkan high school students. Very fake. Very sad.

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  1. Helene
    January 20, 2017 at 3:23 pm #

    Wonderful post! As always MFH has cut to the essence of what’s important in these crazy times. Made me laugh out loud!

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