Princess and the pea

First off, thanks for all reader and Twitter follower comments on whether or not an iron bedstead is comfortable. The verdict broke down pretty well 50/50 so I’m not really any further on… However I think my decision is to buy one, and if it’s totally awful I will palm it off on those unfortunate enough to pass through the Margate guest bedroom. One clear thing to emerge from the whole debate though was that I got named and shamed as a princess. Moi?


Yep, Mad About The House tweeted me this bed, called Princess and The Pea. Fair ’nuff. After my hurt pride had eased a little though, I got to quite liking this day bed, which is made up of a low divan-style base and two or three futon-type mattresses piled on top. Could be just the thing for a study/guest room. All offices need a bed, after all.


Not feeling it? Bit Morocco yoga retreat? I’d ditch the tassles and opt for a more vintage fabric. Remember the Kirsten Hecktermann hand-dyed velvet cushions?

Hand dyed velvet cushions

kirsten hecktermann velvet cushions_0

The above effect, but with bigger cushions is what I was thinking of. With maybe a dash of this…


PS: Jill’s on holiday. What do you think she’ll say when she sees I’ve been taken over by an attack of the Shabby Chics?

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  1. Helene
    February 17, 2014 at 2:43 pm #

    Love the shabby chic but couldn’t bear to look at the last photo too long without wanting to remake the cushion covers so that the stripes lined up! OCD or what?

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