Architecture as art

My interiors ‘expertise’ is self-taught, but I originally trained (in the very slightest way) as a dancer. Not often that the worlds of dance and architecture are specifically combined, so today I’m sharing the work of Pablo Bronstein. Here he is at home in Bethan Green, working on some architectural drawings.

Pablo Bronstein studio

Image: Tate

He works in live performance, with a choreographer, and creates what the Tate website describes as ‘spoof historicism’. The Guardian suggests he’s ‘part architectural draughtsman, part fabulist.’ How wonderful. Here he is on the buildings that interest him:

“I’m a fan of the Charing Cross Station enlargement by Terry Farrell, and I love the MI5 building. They are very, very, very unfashionable buildings, but everybody knows them. One thing I like about architecture is its attempt at aspiration, its desperation. I’m not excited by good-quality, decent, sophisticated buildings. I like buildings that want to be seen as better than they are, not trying to be good design, trying to be loud design. I’m not a fan of integrity.”

This video shows what he’s up to – I’ve watched it twice now and I love how disorientating the mirrors are, and the way it achieves its amazing effects live, with just a bit of walking around and a few pot plants. Watch for a couple of minutes – it gets more and more complex and hypnotising.

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  1. Bethan - Decorator's Notebook
    June 14, 2013 at 3:12 pm #

    Bethan Green? It’s nice to know I’m on your mind Ros!

  2. Helene
    June 14, 2013 at 3:30 pm #

    Loved this piece. The interview at the end was really interesting too.

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