Trend or travesty? Blocks and borders


One of my holiday snaps of a building in Sardinia. Smile! But how bang on trend is that wall? Perfectly summing up how to do asymmetric paint blocking. In interiors, it’s happening with border lines – a little bit De Stijl, a little bit Memphis. Here’s the kind of thing I mean. | Fifties style living room I’d never have thought the pastel pink and acid yellow combo would work well next to a black (or navy?) wall, but it does. Maybe helped by the dark outline continuing along the top of the pink wall.

Dulux showed a similar colour-blocked feature wall at its press show yesterday, where a key message was also about encouraging bravery with decorating – ditching the masking tape and going for a wobbly hand drawn line etc.

Dulux Doitnow | Colour blocking | Pink and yellow The kind of thing that, somehow, I feel I’d still manage to balls up – but then I am also someone who’s afraid to write in a really nice notebook.

So for you, is it a trend or a travesty?

Think the plates, if you’re interested, are fromĀ here.

One Response to “Trend or travesty? Blocks and borders”

  1. WallpaperInk
    November 14, 2013 at 4:43 pm #

    Maybe it’s just my OCD talking, but it’s a travesty for me!

    What happened to clean lines?!

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