System Addict

I am a disorganised person, in general, and lazy. Regards keeping house I find myself easily overwhelmed, sent into a languorous melancholy at the sight of a pile of dishes, the hopelessness of ever keeping up with life’s daily demands making me feel quite weak. I’m also capable to turning a blind eye to things with ease, happily passing that pile of stuff on the stairs for days on end before caving and moving them to gather on the bed in the spare room.

Wood steel dustpan brush

But now I have moved, and live back up three flights of stairs again, I find that some sort of systems are necessary to make life domestically manageable. Little things you take for granted when you live on the ground floor become a total pest. Getting rubbish down the stairs – yeah Nicky Haslam won’t tell you this shit – is a horrible task, and as a result I’ve had to find a system to deal. Otherwise I really would be climbing over 15 full bin bags by the front door every day, on the way to an overflowing kitchen. My system – spending on a fancy bin. I won’t trouble you with a photo.

horsehair dustpan and brush

However here is a photo of another purchase. Let me introduce my fancy dustpan and brush. The secret of keeping a tidy hearth I have discovered. I would never have consider spend £xxxx* on a dustpan and brush before for goodness sake, but the cost was worth it. Sweeping the hearth like The Little Match Girl is a pleasure now, and having something pretty enough that it doesn’t have to live in a cupboard is the perfect way to get me to DO SOME HOUSEWORK ALREADY.

*I’m not revealing how much this horsehair (naturally static) brush cost me… it was cheaper than a Dyson anyway. And it came from here.

3 Responses to “System Addict”

  1. Carol
    October 12, 2016 at 1:05 pm #

    I have seen said brush and dustpan, and your dirty (see what I did there haha!) little secret is safe with me! I think you are right to make a somewhat dreary task a joy by buying something you really love and enjoy using, so much so that it makes you happy to use it and can do so mindfully. I commend your spending and re housework, I am of the same mind as you (eeeeeuuuurghhh boring!!). I’m trying to ‘buy’ more mindfully and follow the mantra of ‘I want a little bit of what I really want – not a lot of what I don’t!!!!. I’m hoping that will bring me some minimalist style instead of maximal strife! Mmmm we’ll see.

  2. Fiona Duke
    October 13, 2016 at 3:15 pm #

    Carol – youre a better detective than me as i whizzed onto the site for a nose and couldn’t find it!

    although i did find the little cute hedgehog looking brush that i bought months ago for a gift that we never use……….

  3. Carol
    October 21, 2016 at 8:52 pm #

    Oh, you’re right, they’re not there anymore. Damn it! I had seen them before in a magazine, I forget which, but had decided I would spoil myself at Christmas with them!! Ho hum! Back to wilkinsons best for me then!!

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