Queen of the sea

Yes, just back from a brief trip to Copenhagen. It was cold, sunny and as lovely as you’d expect. I especially liked the merman motif on lots of buildings and the wrought-iron swans that flank doorways all over the city.

One thing though, if you’re thinking of nipping over for a weekend of foraging through vintage stalls and negotiating piles of well-designed chairs in groovy shops… the shops shut at 2pm on a Saturday. So here are my highlights, curtailed.

Yeahhhhh… you know how me and My Friend love colour coded books, here used on the counter of the charming Laundromat Cafe in Norrebro (of which more later).

Danish vintage shop This shop had lots of 70s Danish crockery – like the breakfast table in my childhood home. Who knew my Mum and Dad had such good taste. And below – one for the typewriter fans.

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  1. myfriendshouse
    March 10, 2010 at 4:33 pm #

    Mmmmm colour coded books. Shopping hours noted, did you do a trolley dash?

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