Real reveals

Barbara Cartland

Tickled pink

Today’s post is about my fleeting obsession with pink. Not the singer. After weeks of pondering I finally bought an elegant little set of drawers on legs from the local junk pusher. Delightfully, having got it home (that’s another story) I found that what, in the gloom of the junk-a-teria, I thought was off-white, turns […]

art deco table

Wisdom of moths

Great news! Is it the gorgeous leaf shape, the divine pale minty colour, or the soft bronze accents? Who knows, but last night Mother Nature sent a minion to endorse my new wallpaper. Yes, I’m a regular Bill Oddie. The beautiful moth later came and sat on my arm for ages, but the picture of that […]

Kitchen wallpapered – result

So, Mum and Dad came to help for a weekend. They worked so hard they put me to shame, clearing weeds and bushes and attaching various heavy things to the walls. Best of all, some wallpaper finally made it off the floor. Here, I present the before of the kitchen. The pondering stage… And finally, […]

Fence fever

And so it goes: You think you have a pretty modern aesthetic, you love contemporary buildings with cool cladding, weird materials and big jaunty windows that wrap-around corners. You have stainless steel worktops. All your house plants are in black pots. And yet… You can’t stop yourself from going nuts for a picket fence. I’ve […]

overgrown garden

Secret garden

This morning I was hanging out the washing, in the sunshine, with the Antistylist sniffing the grass next to me. Yes, after two years on the first floor,  happiness is a washing line and good weather. For friends overseas who want a better look at the flat I was going to put up some before […]