Real reveals

I like to move it

… but not much. Thank goodness it’s over. And happy am I in my new flat. Yes, true to form, I packed a box of favourite things – I’ve had these books in various posts before – to get out and faff around with as soon as I arrived. And going into the garden to […]

Blue and dusky pink Delphiniums

Delphiniums + 1/4 of a shelf reveal

Two things: 1. The beautiful delphiniums that I planted in my front garden a few months ago. You must be nuts if you don’t love that dusky grey-ish pink. I love that dusky grey-ish pink. 2. My latest super-long living room shelf. Well, a quarter of it. The rest is ‘evolving’. As in, there are […]

Flat farewell

Posting from the local pub, waiting to collect keys to a new flat. For the most part I won’t be sad to leave, but I always did like the big windows, and the balcony out the back. So here, hopefully, is my goodbye photo of my old flat. I think it about sums it up.

summer balcony pictures

Summer at last

Here it is, after such a long winter – yes, days when you can hitch your skirt in your knickers and wear a boob tube with impunity (only around the house mind). I’m a terrible fidget in the sun, so I’ve been flitting between the balcony and the laptop indoors, arranging things, snapping things, and […]

Philippe Starck gun lamp


The man who gave us this… and this… Actually lives like this… Fabulous. Could have done without knowing about the morning love-ins though. Philippe Starck’s Balearic islands holiday home as seen in Vogue, photography by Hugh Stewart.