Real reveals

Before… and a bit better than before

Okay, so my ‘before and after’  is basically a tidy up job, but I’m so pleased with it I’ve snapped it. This trolley – and the bottles on it – have been in my possession for some time, but the dream of sipping Camparis on the chairs opposite never materialised and I think it’s because […]

The start of something

A few years ago these Robert Dawson for Wedgwood plates were in every interiors mag. Maybe a year later – post hype – a friend and I happened upon a batch of them in the sales on the Kings Road during lunch hour and we bought two each, delighted at our top speed bargain hunting. […]

Birds & words

Birds and words

Ah, the joy of a task completed without me making a mess of it. Last year I was sent a copy of the delightful Birds & Words by Ammo Books, a book of prints by the late American artist Charley Harper. His images are doing the rounds at the moment, and perfect for the home […]

Anatomy of a desk

Oh, My Friend, don’t get me started on obsessively grouping books for visual effect. I wrote the, er, yeah… It’s a subject I’m sure I’ll return to (and return to) but one of these micro book collections does make a passing appearance in what I was going to post about today, namely, my desk. I […]

Live off the land

Choose your words carefully

OK, so it’s a huge trend – still. Printed posters of slogans with a retro, self-improving feel in pretty colours. But is it just me or are these posters more than a little bossy in tone? I can see it looks beautiful – no one is more obsessed with mustard yellow accessories than me – […]