The start of something

A few years ago these Robert Dawson for Wedgwood plates were in every interiors mag. Maybe a year later – post hype – a friend and I happened upon a batch of them in the sales on the Kings Road during lunch hour and we bought two each, delighted at our top speed bargain hunting. A following birthday, the same friend bought me one more (thank you again, excellent friend) and all three have sat in a cupboard ever since, wheeled out whenever I need to jazz up elevenses.

It seemed a shame to keep them locked away, meantime, so the obvious solution was to put them on a wall. Yet with only three to play with, plenty of fussing ensued over the location and configuration – My Friend, I even considered the bathroom after your birds and words / teeth brushing comment.

I think I’ve finally cracked it. Here they are in the hall on the way to the kitchen. High enough up that a tall person shouldn’t dislodge them with a cheekbone, and positioned so that I can see them every time I walk up or down the stairs. Lovely. Only, I get a nagging feeling with every glance, that just a few more plates – you know, six, seven, maybe ten  – would really make this little corner work. ‘Oh,’ said Mr My Friend, ‘another shopping project.’

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