Wallpapering everything

I’m just back from the cinema watching enjoyable trauma-drama Precious. I enjoyed it, was moved… but is it wrong to admit that the sets for the grim projects apartment in which Precious survives looked pretty damn chic to me? I think it was the mix of floral wallpaper in dingy autumn colours and black paint on all woodwork including the doors, set off with a staircase painted an ominous, grubby amber.*

* I could just see myself in Mo’Niques floral catsuit too

It put me in mind of the wallpapering style my Mum used to assert as ‘French’ – loud pattern applied to all walls, ceiling, and possibly even over light switches and doors too. Who really cares if it takes half an hour to find your way out of a room anyway?┬áThis same train of thought has got be wondering… do I dare? Do I dare? Dare to paper one wall with one thing and the adjoining wall with another? Or is this just the sick spinning mind of someone who’s collected endless rolls of gorgeous wallpaper without yet having a room to put it up in?

Osborne & Little Mash Up

Osborne & Little Mash Up

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