Real reveals

vintage rose

Things I’m doing for autumn

1. The first being, enjoying what I think will be the last flowers from the garden this year. I say enjoying – since I took this picture I left the rose there till the petals fell off and it had to go in the bin. Sigh. 2. Spending lots of time in charge of a mop […]

Picket fence reveal

Alternative title: My Father the hero. I mentioned a while back that I was planning a fence project, well it took place and I owe an almighty thanks – plus possibly some sort of percentage of this house if we ever sell it – to my Dad. He worked non-stop for days on it. I […]

Wish I was there

I’ve got the holiday blues. Just returned from an all-over-the-shop road trip that started with a wedding in the Ribble Valley via a few days in the Peak District, then moved onto an Alpine-fresh mini break in Austria and finally Munich to stay with my brother and his girlfriend. They just moved there, it’s lovely. […]

vintage radio

Hitting the (unpainted) wall

I’ve been in my new flat two months now, and I feel like some kind of alarm is about to go off. When people came round in the first weeks and told me how delightful it was, they were forgiving of the step ladder blocking the hall, and saw beyond the peach walls to what […]

Buenos Aires photos

found photos, and a bit more pink

Here is the item in question, though between my camera work and the peach walls behind it you wouldn’t know it was pink from this pic. Pipework left in as an Ensuite tribute. Above it I’ve put – rather ineptly it has to be said, I couldn’t be arsed measuring – some framed photos I […]