Real reveals

wood burning stove

Seasonal furniture shuffle

Ah, autumn. Mists, mellow fruitfulness and the X-Factor being on. After a glorious summer here it is hard to face the fact that autumn is upon us – but a dip in the sea on Friday confirmed it. The light is beautiful but the heat is going out of everything. I have of course taken […]

Alhambra tiles

The T on those tiles

And for those of you not down with the lingo, that’s T as in Truth. Yes, here comes the reveal of how my tedious tile tension turned out… Thanks to everyone who commented on the blog, telling me to follow my heart and not compromise, putting off the work a little longer if necessary. You […]

Happiness is a new office

After Ros and I called it quits on our old office I moved back home to work while she moved to her new home in Margate. I’ve worked, on and off, in my house for years and sometimes it felt ok and sometimes it felt great. It was a privilege in those years where I […]

Farrow & Ball Peignoir

View of a view

One last gift that I didm’t include in my ‘hedonism of things’ birthday round-up was the present from my mum. My mum loves paintings, especially of the sea – the house in Cornwall is packed with them. So on her last visit to Margate mum urged me to pick out a painting I liked for […]

Matt Raw Ceramic workshop

I know, you’ve been dying to see my creations from the 3-week ceramics course I did at Matt Raw’s workshop. First some background on our teacher. Matt is from Manchester and studied at the University of Brighton then the RCA. He’s done lots of group shows and a residency at the V&A as well as […]