Trend or travesty?

Ok, My Friend, so remember when we shared an office and I used to annoy you by holding up bits of card in colour combinations that pleased me while you were trying to work…

A couple of things have come into my hands that I’m obsessing over as a colour scheme option. Some fabric I’m calling – not without embarrassment – Coral Zebra, and some wallpaper in a pale blue. What do you think? Am I having a premonition of Summer 2011, or is it all a bit Chelsea Harbour? Listen, when I get a minute I’ll mood board it up and you can tell me what you think.

Viable or vile?

The habit

I do have a will to speak of. I even managed a self-imposed two-month shopping ban lately (okay, it was meant to be six and I broke it with what Mr Hilarous is calling my ‘jungle safari look’). But there are a few things in life that only need three seconds consideration before I’m consuming […]


So, while you’re swanning around Copenhagen at high speed (2pm, really?) I am dissecting the shopping potentials in… Glasgow. Yes, Glasgow. There are no mermans on the buildings in Glasgow, but there are my parents, a lot of chatty folk (on the streets, in the shops, at the cinema, next to your car…), and a few […]

Danish vintage shop

Queen of the sea

Yes, just back from a brief trip to Copenhagen. It was cold, sunny and as lovely as you’d expect. I especially liked the merman motif on lots of buildings and the wrought-iron swans that flank doorways all over the city. One thing though, if you’re thinking of nipping over for a weekend of foraging through […]