Wanted: 9 black frames

If you’re a loyal subscriber to Wallpaper magazine, you may have received this thrilling box lately…

Inside are 21 limited edition covers created as part of the magazine’s tenth anniversary celebrations (kick started in 2006) by some big wig names in art, architecture and design – Marcel Wanders, Hedi Slimane, Alan Fletcher, Jeff Koons, Dieter Rams and Zaha Hadid among them. Here’s my favourite nine on the kitchen table, soon to be teased into black frames and hung in a batch somewhere. Where? Where? Picture me lugging nine 30 x 20 cm frames all over the house until I can answer that question.

Trend or travesty?

Ok, My Friend, so remember when we shared an office and I used to annoy you by holding up bits of card in colour combinations that pleased me while you were trying to work… A couple of things have come into my hands that I’m obsessing over as a colour scheme option. Some fabric I’m […]

The habit

I do have a will to speak of. I even managed a self-imposed two-month shopping ban lately (okay, it was meant to be six and I broke it with what Mr Hilarous is calling my ‘jungle safari look’). But there are a few things in life that only need three seconds consideration before I’m consuming […]


So, while you’re swanning around Copenhagen at high speed (2pm, really?) I am dissecting the shopping potentials in… Glasgow. Yes, Glasgow. There are no mermans on the buildings in Glasgow, but there are my parents, a lot of chatty folk (on the streets, in the shops, at the cinema, next to your car…), and a few […]

Danish vintage shop

Queen of the sea

Yes, just back from a brief trip to Copenhagen. It was cold, sunny and as lovely as you’d expect. I especially liked the merman motif on lots of buildings and the wrought-iron swans that flank doorways all over the city. One thing though, if you’re thinking of nipping over for a weekend of foraging through […]