All These Nice Things – Nunhead pop up

Is Instagram controlling me? Yesterday on the strength of a photo on it, I found out about and also went ahead and visited a new neighbourhood pop up shop in nearby Nunhead. All These Nice Things has two criteria for its stock – it has to be hand made and it has to have been […]


I’m going on holiday on Sunday and need to finish all this month’s work early. So sorry to be brief, but check out this chair that I want. It’s green and pink, and it’s a chair so guess who else is going to want it. I love Abel Sloane’s website, it’s pure furniture porn. I […]

A book I want

A friend got it for her birthday last week and rightly identified it as being right up my street. Snapshots of Dangerous Women is a collection of vintage photographs belonging to 60-something New York investment banker Peter J Cohen. He’s been collecting photos from flea markets for 25 years and his apartment is up to […]

Not feeling the linen…

…or to be honest, I’m feeling it too much. Yup I got linen bedding a while ago because it was a trend, two friends I visited had truly lovely linen-dressed beds and I’ve got no control over my purchasing impulses. In all honesty I got a cheaper cotton sheet (fitted Ros, deal with it) and […]

Noda Horro coffee pot

A hedonism of things

I have to confess that while I am finding almost nothing funny in the current political climate – even jokes about David Cameron humming have left me cold – I have been amused by the long, light-hearted articles in The Evening Standard on post-Brexit London behaviour and etiquette. The fact I have recently left London […]