Trend or travesty BHS light

BHS. Do you even know where your nearest one is? Well guess what, the store that opened in 1928 (in Brixton!) has come up with a nice slice of crochet chic for your home…

Not very BHS are they? The largest one costs £190 and that’s not very BHS either. So, over to you – trend or travesty?

Leather can be lovely

Was it Joan Collins who said that every woman should own a leather jacket? Well, Joan I’ve never really been a leather fan, fashion or interiors-wise. Until! Until I saw Genevieve Bennett’s work in the flesh. Genevieve sculpts, embosses, engraves, layers, just does stuff (by hand) to leather that makes me like it a lot. Behold: […]

Olaf Hajek

I was going to issue a warning about why you shouldn’t hanker after a huge blackboard wall like this one spotted on The Selby… if in fact the thing you love about it is the excellent drawings. My own blackboard wall is currently ‘decorated’ with the constituent elements of an apple crumble, a dozen songs […]