Clock off

I’ve recently discovered the blog of talented stylist and author Sania Pell. Her pictures are a real treat, so I hope she won’t mind me borrowing this one to illustrate a THING I REALLY DON’T LIKE.

Sania Pell blog

Yeah, it’s clocks. Deal with it. I get the impression this is one of my more eccentric ‘don’t likes’, as most people appreciate them for being functional and visually pleasing. But I just really can’t get with it. I can see some clocks are nicer than others, and yeah, a load of vintage ones certainly fill a wall, but something about them makes me feel enslaved. Reminding me I’m late. Gimme a decorative calendar any day. What about you? Anyone else a clock hater?

Abigail Edwards wallpaper

Zip it

While reading about a new range of very pretty hand drawn wallpaper by Abigail Edwards, my eyes were offended by number 8 in my Top 100 Most Disgusting Interiors Ideas list. Can you guess what it is? No, not the little boat (that’s number 76). No, not the precariously balanced books (don’t try and rest […]

Farrow & Ball new colours

Colour combinations

These images are by photo-realist painter Paul Winstanley. These chairs recur in various combinations in a number of pictures, and each grabs me as a surprising and pleasing mix of colours. It reminds me of Farrow & Ball’s new colourcard, released last year: But I’d also add in the pink of these curtains….