Gilbert and George at home

Gilbert and George, as I’m sure you’ve read, have a new exhibition opening across no less than four White Cube galleries from this weekend. In celebration I wondered whether it was possible to peek inside their famous Spitalfields home, Hello style. Turns out it was, via the magic of Google.

Gilbert and George at home

I have had several encounters with G and G, and it always surprises me how paradoxically accessible these mysterious men are. I’ve seen them order pudding in the (now sadly closed) Market Cafe where they regularly took lunch. I went to their last exhibition and saw them happily having their pictures taken with anyone who asked. And I once danced the hokey cokey with them on New Years Eve – a shameless name drop I know, but quite the most glamorous thing that’s ever happened to me.

Fournier street

Their house is in Fournier Street, a row of silk merchants houses from the 1720s, and if you linger round there long enough the chances of seeing them going about their business is high-to-medium. The only other G&G fact I have is this: my friend said she read they used to bulk buy bog roll, and keep a whole wall of it stacked up in the house. Trend.

Shelf imitating art

For my birthday last week, an insignificant age celebrated with a massive party (really recommend that), My Friend bought me this lovely coffee table book: Fully of lovely prints, sketches, inspirational bits, it’s a record of Angie Lewin’s work and covers her nature studies in Norfolk and Scotland. There aren’t many images of her studio […]

Sania Pell blog

Clock off

I’ve recently discovered the blog of talented stylist and author Sania Pell. Her pictures are a real treat, so I hope she won’t mind me borrowing this one to illustrate a THING I REALLY DON’T LIKE. Yeah, it’s clocks. Deal with it. I get the impression this is one of my more eccentric ‘don’t likes’, […]

Abigail Edwards wallpaper

Zip it

While reading about a new range of very pretty hand drawn wallpaper by Abigail Edwards, my eyes were offended by number 8 in my Top 100 Most Disgusting Interiors Ideas list. Can you guess what it is? No, not the little boat (that’s number 76). No, not the precariously balanced books (don’t try and rest […]