Pastels, the right kind

My jeweller friend was having a minor rant lately over the fact that every year the fashion press heralds pastels as a new trend for the coming summer. Fashion folk, is this true? Well anyway, here is some crockery in dull, dull, not too pretty pastels that can be in every year if it wants to be.

Ceramics by recent Design Academy Eindhoven graduate Kirstie van Noort which, like our previous post, could form the perfect colour scheme for a room.

Farrow & Ball new colours

Colour combinations

These images are by photo-realist painter Paul Winstanley. These chairs recur in various combinations in a number of pictures, and each grabs me as a surprising and pleasing mix of colours. It reminds me of Farrow & Ball’s new colourcard, released last year: But I’d also add in the pink of these curtains….

Stuff I did

I’ve been getting through winter blues and maternity madness by hitting the (art) shows. So far Hockney – lovely, full, posh visitor – and Grayson Perry – funny, full, multi-visitor. Yesterday was bonanza day with a visit to The White Cube Bermondsey and Waste Not by Song Dong at The Barbican. Two opposite experiences, here’s the […]

Poole Pottery John Lewis

Get thee to a car boot

I’ve just been round to see a house to write about it, and found myself gripped with jealousy over their lovely collections of ceramics, from Rimini blue…  to Gurgling fish… and Poole Pottery… I loved the bright blue of the Rimini, available in reissue at Heal’s, and will be scouring car boots, old barns and […]

Life is a Cabaret

Did you know that the marvelous movie Cabaret turns 40 this month? Here’s a little known fact connected to that film: Both your correspondents have, at different times, dressed up as Sally Bowles. Hot pants and all. The film, directed by Bob Fosse was famously based on the musical that was adapted from Christopher Isherwood’s […]