Birds and words

Ah, the joy of a task completed without me making a mess of it.

Last year I was sent a copy of the delightful Birds & Words by Ammo Books, a book of prints by the late American artist Charley Harper. His images are doing the rounds at the moment, and perfect for the home because of his graphic, 1960s take on wildlife. He drew these birds from books, not life, seeing the beauty in abstracting the colours and shapes of the natural world.

Birds & words

Well last week I finally bought some frames, and set about agonising over which four of the pics were my favourites, or which made the best set – hence the post-its in the picture above. Choice finally made, I spent Sunday evening up a ladder with a plumb bob, pencil and hammer.

4 birds

Although shown here on my table, the four pictures now grace the wall of the vestibule outside the bathroom, turning a nothing space into a little feature. I can even see them in the mirror as I brush my teeth. An afternoon’s pottering that is going to make me happy for months. I’m already thinking of doing a second set – starting point this lovely drab-blue puffin page.


Mood swings

I’ve got some nice-but-knackered woodwork in my hall – the cupboards under the stairs – which is crying out for some colour. Teal, I think. But a kind of dark teal. Or is it turquoise? It’s a colour that exists in my head but refuses to be pinned down when I confront the paint charts. […]

Anatomy of a desk

Oh, My Friend, don’t get me started on obsessively grouping books for visual effect. I wrote the, er, yeah… It’s a subject I’m sure I’ll return to (and return to) but one of these micro book collections does make a passing appearance in what I was going to post about today, namely, my desk. I […]


I’ve got a cold, so today I’m writing from my perfectly mismatched bedlinen-ed bed. Oh yes, I too am onto that trend…But right now I’m thinking about books, specifically where to keep them. Check out this window display of a gallery and lending library in Rivington street. Doesn’t it make you want to block out […]

Toast candy stripe


Oh, I see you’re still sleeping on white sheets beneath a white duvet. Interesting choice. Who do you think you are, Kelly Hoppen? I have seen the future and it is…. Mismatched bedlinen. So rustic, so thrifty, so boho. I love it. These candy-stripe pillows are from Toast, and I covet them.     I […]