Trend or travesty?

Standfast & Barracks

Big birds

If harping on about birds was a sackable offence we’d be out of jobs round here. Since it’s not, here’s a company I’ve been meaning to blog about since seeing them at Tent / Design Week back in September: Standfast & Barracks, an 80-year-old Lancaster fabric printers. Just check out their birds… Stick a yellow […]

Butterfly wall at Stoke Place Ilse Crawford


I’m blogging at speed today, so a quick mention of a cultural jaunt I really recommend – Sensational Butterflies at The Natural History Museum – well, in a tent in the grounds… The incredibly hot butterfly house contained over 100 live butterflies and moths, some of them landing on your hands, though not mine despite my […]

Yellow and lilac interiors

Lilac and yellow

The web is alive with talk of Karl Lagerfeld’s latest colour scheme, lemon and lilac as launched in his cruise collection shown in Antibes this week, I found out at The Women’s Room. My friend, fashion guru (and all-round lovely girl) is a step ahead of ole Karl and has been talking up yellow and lilac as […]

Black walls: Trend or travesty?

I saw this jeweller’s home in the Independent last friday and found myself liking her glossy black walls, if not all her furniture. One thing though, did the photographer have to make her look so ghoulish? No offence owner, you’re obviously a very attractive lady. photography by David Sandison Black I’ve seen before, but not […]

For your desk…

On a bit of a roll with desk talk this week….These slinky products were created by industrial design students of  Ecole Cantonale d’art Lausanne in collaboration with Alessi for the Milan furniture fair this year. The collection includes Firezo Note Board by Julie Richoz, which suspends your notes in mid air. Something that would give my computer […]