Trend or travesty?

Living Etc July

Big florals – hit or miss?

From July’s Living Etc., I fear that this might be a taste of things to come.* I hate the clashes of the puny wallpaper and the big rose sofa, and plus why the school lockers, other than to stop you thinking it’s your Nan’s house? Does the fact I don’t like this – similar to […]

Travelcard cushion

Penalty fare

Taking time out from my Tokyo report to give a knee-jerk reaction to something I hate. Transport for London’s Travelcard Cushion will surely strike a chill into the heart of every Londoner. It’s like having a gas bill-print cushion. This is the thing that symbolizes deadly daily routine, delays, overcrowding and expense. Who would want it printed huge […]


The last three homes I wrote about for my day job have two things in common – they’re all very cool, and they’re all black and white. Monochrome if you want it in magazine speak. I’m not sure I could do it myself – I’m forever hearing the call of a new colour – but […]

Clerkenwell Design Week: David David

I’m on staycation this week, doing the garden and eating pain au chocolat for breakfast among other things. But I did make it out to Clerkenwell on tuesday for the press breakfast where one of the highlights for me was this… White beech chair with pencil crayon seat design, which you can’t fully appreciate from […]

Barbara Cartland home

Trend or travesty?

Recent reports of its hotness – “Colefax and Fowler on acid” anyone – led me to investigate new company House of Hackney. They sell wallpaper, bedlinen, beds and, er, one mirror. I thought I was going to love it, but when I took a look I felt maybe I needed a second opinion. I don’t […]