Trend or travesty?

Cat tipi

Hipster cats

Yes, this is two cat posts in a row… deal with it. My friend sent me a link to an American site that sells tipis, yeah, for like, cats, right? Sounds awful? The thing is I really like them, and I’m sorely tempted. Check it. There is never anything aesthetically nice to buy for your […]

woven chair bright

Trend! Wicker chairs

Woven, wicker chairs are everywhere, and I want one. I was reminded of this by Habitat’s new Sura chairs, designed by Naoko Kanehira of their in-house design team. Here are some other pictures I’ve been saving up. Aren’t they wonderful? Like a basket for your bum. That’s not me by the way, but I have […]

Bookworm shelf

Design classic – dismissed

A hater writes: I’ve been meaning to start an occasional series for ages, on supposed design classics that I just totally don’t approve of. Like our idea for ‘men’s week’, it had sort of gone by the by. Until, that is, seeing this on Lampshade reminded me of my number one iconic design bugbear. I’m […]

A gripe

Yes, it feels like gripe-week round here (what an idea) and maybe it’s because I had a ropey day – or maybe it’s simply that the Guardian told me I should be working it – but I’m finding a certain look I once loved a bit irksome now… Yup, the whole mismatched dining chair thing. I […]