horsehair dustpan and brush

System Addict

I am a disorganised person, in general, and lazy. Regards keeping house I find myself easily overwhelmed, sent into a languorous melancholy at the sight of a pile of dishes, the hopelessness of ever keeping up with life’s daily demands making me feel quite weak. I’m also capable to turning a blind eye to things […]

Cool face cushions from Luna & Curious

LDF is on just now and this year I’m only focussing on a few choice things. Like five. This is equal parts to do with my time management and my waning appetite for dragging myself and my handbag around the whole of London. One of my five is a project I’d written about for The […]

reclaimed tiles

Tile tension

When you’re particular about things, shopping can be hard, no? Rarely these days, but occasionally I get a notion for something very specific that I want to buy, and I can never ever quite find it. That winter 20 years ago I got it into my head that I really needed some suede boots like […]