That’s a horrible moodboard

…so quoth my house guest when he saw me taking pictures of this. But you know how it is, when a colour combination pulls on your coat and won’t leave you alone. I’m this close to having a living room to decorate, and allowing myself to daydream, spending some time hanging out with unsuitable prints and hues. See, my room-to-be is vaguely north facing and needs something warm. Might this Kuboaa wallpaper do it, or is it too acidic? I’m thinking if I get a charcoal sofa (to hide the cat hair) can I dilute the compromise with some coral cushions?

Or what if, as discussed in an earlier post, I go for a pretty soft blue on the walls instead? I know when it comes to it I’ll probably just paint the whole thing grey but for now I’m enjoying giving free rein to my more lurid ideas. Expect a room reveal in, ooh, six months. Or so.

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