Maryrose Watson’s textiles


Woah. I’ve just stumbled upon the work of textiles artist Maryrose Watson and had one of those in-the-gut ‘I love that’ moments. A scoot around her website reveals that the London-and-Norfolk based artist works off loom, warping and wefting hand-dyed yarns around frames to create her individual pieces. I’m using phrases like ‘warping’, ‘wefting’ and ‘off loom’ willy nilly, as though I completely understand what I’m saying. I think it basically means she is working completely by hand. ‘In my new work I challenge myself to leave areas unwrapped, addressing concepts of exposure and revelation,’ she states on her website.The effect is wonderful, highly patterned work in the most glorious colours.

Maryrose Watson Feather | My Friend's House

Maryrose Watson | Urban Landscpae Sq | My Friend's House

Maryrose Watson | Urban Landscape | My Friend's House




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