Late night reading

Like everyone else in this city, I’m finding it hard to sleep in the heat and easy to pick up my phone at god knows what hour to read terrible nonsense into the wee night. Sometimes I hit on good stuff though, such as the Whistles blog. It involves house tours, which are sort of Closet Visit-style, but more accessible…

img_9460_v2_0_0032024125e1b6 If in doubt, chuck some jewellery on your art books.

img_9483_0_002133201281be Shout out to one of our readers, who used to employ a step ladder much like this, but for her shoes.


There are also neighbourhood guides, with shop, restaurant and hotel recommendations…




As well as highlights of Jane Sheperdson’s monthly culture diary, which make you go, ‘oh she went there  on holiday’ etc etc.



4_0_003e85f01281c2 Also worth reading in daylight hours.

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