I predicted a riot

In my head, at least, when I heard about the peaceful demonstration happening yesterday afternoon. Later, listening to the news unfolding on LBC, I felt sad for Tottenham. It reminded me of living in Peckham during a period of time when teen stabbings and shootings seemed to happen every week, and the picture painted in the press was condemnatory of the whole area, and unhelpful.

Carpet building Tottenham

Image: Genevieve Robert

Having just been on Twitter (no I wasn’t getting the lowdown on where to meet up for a spot of looting) I stumbled on this, an interesting article from GeorgianLondon.com on the architectural damage, which also appreciates that it’s the community damage that is most depressing.

tottenham burnt buildings

From Georgianlondon.com

There are other stories about the intersection between architecture and community to be told about Tottenham, of course. Broadwater Farm Estate was the scene of riots in 1985, a time at which an argument about the failure of Le Corbusier-style high rises was being made. My friend and her partner live in Tottenham, and he has been working with the residents of Broadwater Farm on an exhibition documenting the radical and positive changes at this once notorious estate. For a different take on living in Tottenham have a look, here.

Bernette Hall

Image: James Burns

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