Decorating dilemmas

Terrazzo and other expensive beautiful floor finishes

I’ve been a bit obsessed with Terrazzo since I saw it on the floor of a friend’s kitchen in Islington ten years ago – she’d inherited it lucky thing. I’d not fully cottoned onto Terrazzo before then. Anyway, it’s sort of back in fashion with a vengeance – quite recently Max Lamb designed a version […]

How to keep an expensive redecorating habit in check

As I ponder yet another new colour combination obsession (more on that in a moment), I’ve been thinking about how to stop buying, redecorating and clothing myself and my house according to what I’m writing about at any given moment for our colour employer. BUT… I just saw an idea that could be a cheaper […]

Gali Cnaani

New look for books?

Hey. I’m in the process of moving – very slowly I might add – and all the attendant clearing out that involves. Although the place we’re moving to is bigger, it doesn’t have the advantage of a cellar to hide everything in, so I’m trying to do a massive edit of stuff. One of the […]

Osmo floor oil

Zen and the art of floor waxing

I’ve never read Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance but it’s my fella’s main text when it comes to ‘fixing’ the car. I think he’s developed some theory about keeping the windscreen wash topped up as a means to good mechanical karma. This weekend I was engaged in a bit of wax-on-wax-off meditation of […]

Scary or cool?

Speaking of Facebook – Ros, I’ve totally logged out and am inches away from killing the page – Here is an image I had as my profile pic for a while, which let me tell you did divide opinion.