A corner of Munich

Ah lovely Munich. Yes it’s a full two weeks since I said goobye to you, yet you are still on my mind with your clean and leafy roads and superior approach to efficiency.

This is the Glockenbach area of the city or, as our host put it, ‘land of wonderful gay men selling wonderful things.’ All true. I also dug that the parking meters were decorated with flowers and couldn’t quite get over the more-park-than-roundabout roundabout. I mean, is that a meadow in the middle for Pete’s sake?

Here are a couple of groovy house shops we whizzed around en route to lunch.  Below, retro / vintage haunt Delikatessen. I bought some wee spoons.

Delikatessen Reichenbachstrase Munchen

Delikatessen shop Munich

Then onto Servus Heimat in a lovely courtyard at the back of a cafe on St Jakobsplatz. Full of modern things on one side and antiques / bric-a-brac on the other.

Servus Heimat shop Germany

vintage shopping in Munich

I can’t resist ending on a picture of one of our dinners, which somehow looks both disgusting and enticing. Note my brother’s hand itching to get back to eating while I have my photo moment.

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  1. Jess
    September 3, 2010 at 3:50 pm #

    Looks great there, am loving the look of the bric-a-brac!

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